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How do QR codes work?

QR codes are actually very simple. They are nothing more than a series of grid cells that have been organized to create patterns that, when recognized by the scanner, will produce human-readable information. There is no encryption or any complex math involved in reading QR codes; it's just a matter of recognizing the patterns and then converting them into text or other types of content.

At Simon Miller USA, we use QR codes for storing different types of information like ordering a product, more information about a certain product, the contact information of the company, etc.

When someone uses a QR code scanner on their smartphone, the software will recognize the specific patterns for encoding data and then translate them into human-readable characters which are displayed on the screen. The user can then access any website or app by simply clicking on the text display, which is generated by the QR code.

How We Generate QR Codes

We use o2oHub's Free QR Code Generator for creating our QR Codes. This QR code generator allows us to create dynamic QR Codes. It also allows us to customize the style of the QR Code to fit our brand. We may use QR Code’s generated by o2oHub on our marketing materials and for promotions.